In 2000 Luke Johnson started working in the tile industry at Law’s Auctions. He quickly saw the possibility of starting a tile division within the strong Laws Auction home improvement and building material section. This idea turned out to be the perfect fit, with tile sales growing from just 1000m2 in the first week to 4000m2 per week by the end of the first month. This division grew to be the largest tile auction in Australia selling 13000m2 per week. During this phase, it became apparent to Luke that the Australian consumer wanted a range of high quality polished porcelains and other top quality ceramics without having to pay outlandishly high retail prices.

During this period, Luke gained lots of experience in purchasing and selling tiles.  Then in 2005 Luke joined Len Franco, a very experienced and well known importer/wholesaler, in starting up Tile Factory Outlet.  TFO is a model based on high volumes with low prices, with the tag line “tiles at auction prices without the hammer”. This again was exactly what the market sought, good quality products together with product information at the lowest prices, without the pressure and stress of an auction.

TFO hit the market with instant success, offering the best range of low cost high quality tiles. Luke propelled TFO from a standing start to sales of over 3000m2 per week within just 1 year, and currently around 15000m2 per week!

TFO specializes in brands such as Monalisa, RAK ceramics and Ceramica Refin along with many others. Selling high volumes with very low margins, with customers saving up to 70% off retail prices.

In 2009 Luke and Len re-located the business to 107 Warren Road (Cumberland Hwy), Smithfield, a highly visible and easy to get to location.

Then in 2011, Arman Aminzadeh joined TFO and he quickly saw the potential and the direction of TFO.  With a background in business and management, Arman has over 10 years experience in the tile industry – including having worked with some of the largest tile companies in Australia.  Arman’s unique approach has helped the business grow dramatically.

Luke’s vision for TFO is to capture more market share, and supported by Len and Arman, TFO is fast becoming the biggest tile clearance center in Sydney. People come from all over Australia to save money and organizing freight can be as easy as a quick phone call.

Luke, Len and Arman, are continuously working towards the same goal in providing the best products at unbeatable prices.  They want to keep expanding the range, sourcing the best products from around the world, and bringing them to the Australian marketplace at prices that consumers cannot ignore. They encourage consumers to shop around as they are confident that they will not find better value for money.

TFO staff have over 100 years of combined tile experience, this includes colour consultants, interior designers, importers and salespeople from the industry. We accommodate a wide range of languages, English, Italian, German, Chinese, Cambodian, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Kurdish and Persian.

Call in today to see the extensive range of Polished Porcelain, Glazed Porcelain, Ceramics, Travertine, Natural Stones, Stackstone and Bathware.