Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL) is a world class prepress graphic design outsourcing house in Bangladesh, which is currently working for Newspapers, Magazines, Advertising Agencies and Printing & Publishing Companies around the world in fulfilling their design needs.

TGL offshore services are Pre-press, Clipping Path, Newspaper Ads Design, Magazine Design, Image Masking, Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Brochure Design, Directorial Services, Data Processing and Web Design. Tradexcel Graphics providing the highest quality designs services at low rate Try Free Trial offer. TGL follow the International Delivery Model (IDM), which emerged as a disruptive force in the industry leading to the rise of offshore outsourcing. The IDM is based on the principle of taking work to the location where the best talent is available, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least amount of acceptable risk.

We have dedicated pool of professional designers who deliver high quality work on a wide range of graphics design and data management projects. We provide on-time, quality products at competitive price. Our clients are able to reduce their production cost significantly by outsourcing their productions to us. Our production team is proficient, internationally trained, specialized, talented, enthusiastic and multilingual. We function 24-7. TGL takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships.

Most of the offshore outsourcing services are provided online from the TGL prepress studio in Bangladesh. The prepress studio of TGL is equipped with cutting edge equipments operated by highly skilled desktop publishing professionals who are dedicated to provide exclusive and premium services to our customers. As mentioned above, all the work is done through the internet, starting from downloading jobs, proof reading through webproof and the final delivery. We deliver a wide range of graphics solutions for newspapers and magazines. We also produce high end products like catalogues, brochures, portfolio, logos, Clipping Path, Image Masking, Ad Design, Data Entry etc. for our European and North American customers. In addition, we are exploring other different avenues of IT and ITES.To find out more about Tradexcel Graphic’s Graphics Design expertise, please visit our work on Graphics design portfolio.


Our mission is to consistently provide the highest quality graphics design services at a low rate for our clients, and respond to their needs promptly and creatively. Focusing on these simple objectives is the key to our continuing growth and success, and it is the foundation of our client relationships.

Our Services:
•     Clipping Path
•     Pre-press Desktop Publishing    
•     Newspaper Ads Design
•     Magazine Design
•     Image Masking
•     Logo Design / Redesign
•     Corporate Identity
•     Brochure Design
•     Directorial Services
•     Data Processing
•     Web Design

Our Strength

•     80 + designers who have vast experience in graphics designing.
•     Customers in more than ten countries, worldwide.
•     Effective Communication.
•     Commitment to Quality.
•     24/7 Customer Support.
•     Overnight Delivery
•     Cost Efficiency.
•     Complete protection of data
•     Power Backup Systems
•     High Speed Internet Connection.
•     Free Trial Services

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Looking for an outsourcing partner?
Tradexcel Graphics is one of the largest graphical outsourcing partners in Bangladesh. We have both the concept and technology to provide anyone in the world with the bene­fits of accessing the global outsourcing network locally.

Bangladesh is a low-lying riverine country located in South Asia. Bangladesh is bordered by India to the east, north, and west and shares a short border with Myanmar (Burma) at the southeast. With a population of 152.6 million, Bangladesh is the most densely populated agricultural country in the world.

At present Information Technology (IT) is a subject of widespread interest in Bangladesh. With a large number of educated young people, internet and other benefits of ICT are being used to create new jobs in the rural areas. Cheap labor is the biggest asset for Bangladesh. This huge population is now being converted in to human resources, which in turn is creating ample opportunity for ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services).

Bangladesh is very optimistic in getting to the frontline of ICT revolution. To begin with, it has a very young population. Half the population of Bangladesh is under twenty. They are very creative too. With little or no help, some of these young people are coming up with great success stories in ICT.

At present the BPO companies are delivering jobs/orders much faster and as a result, the TAT (Turn Around Time) is reduced.