Tagline: Do you remember how it feels to get a real Thank You card? Think about it for a second…

Description: Thanksify is Finland based web service that provides customers all over the world a way to send a REAL “Thank You” card easily.

How it works: Visiting www.thanksify.com or downloading the app customers see the general “Thank You” – letter. The sending is done easily by pushing the send button, filling senders name and receivers address, post code, country and paying through PayPal service. This is all included in the price 9,90$.

We at Thanksify are Y- Generation. We have seen the rise of the mobile phones and Facebook. What we have witnessed is the lost of intimacy in communication. Sending intimate messages like “Thank You” should be done concretely. This is what we provide; easy way to send a real “Thank You” - card anywhere to anyone.

This is an easy way to thank your spouse, friend, neighbor, guy at the gas station, the nice girl at the coffee house and so on… Thanking is easy.

The letter is printed to high quality paper and names will be filled by hand to add extra intimacy. This will be then send through Finnish post office in closed envelope to the recipe. In the future we are thinking about adding additional services like flowers and personalized messages.