So you want to know more about ThatGuy.

ThatGuy is a small PR firm focusing on Public Relations for the Video Games industry.  Our primary focus is ‘small and indie’ developers who simply don’t get the coverage they deserve.


Owner, Leigh Walker has experience across the board not only in Public Relations, but also gaming press and most importantly of all being a gamer.

As well as owner of Xbox Sector and Editor in Chief at Xbox One UK, Leigh has ran various websites on top of supplying regional press such as the Media Advertiser Group with regular, high quality reviews.  We know first hand what the press like to cover and what the gamers like to see.

As a life-long gamer, Leigh has over 35 years experience, playing every major release on every system during that time, as well as thousands of others.  Due to his dedication to gaming there’s an extensive library of titles behind us, meaning we’re in a great place to not only push coverage of a game, but also advise on it as an end user.

Without a doubt experience in the press and as a gamer, with an ever increasing list of connections are invaluable to public relations, but we’re already an award winning PR team.  We first started back in 2016 as Geek Mode PR, when we covered the launch PR for Kung-Fu for Kinect on the Xbox One.  Owner of Virtual Air Guitar Company, Aki Kinerva confirmed that our work had helped Kung-Fu for Kinect become their best selling launch to date and soon afterwards we were also nominated for (and won) the Softech Intl Video Game and Entertainment award for ‘Best New PR’

We’re honoured to have such a great start, but we’re not going to stop here.

Moving forward, we know that developers worldwide are going without representation because of the escalating price of PR services, the media just aren’t finding out enough about a game to make the public want to buy it and this results in poor sales and less income for months, often years of hard work and dedication.

For more information check out our Services or feel free to contact us for any further details.