That's Us Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of web-based technologies for businesses of all sizes. That's Us' concentration is on the execution of a strategy that emphasizes diversity and interrelated revenue streams enabling businesses to capitalize on technologies that are critical to the evolving world of online sales and marketing. Major sales channels such as eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, CycleTrader and a company's website have developed a conduit for businesses to reach a truly global market. EBay has nearly 250 million registered users, 90% of whom are buyers and craigslist now has over 25 million users searching classified listings. Our software programs and online solutions bridge the gap between these customers, online portals and the businesses that utilize our software!  That’s Us truly has formulated a solution to synchronize ecommerce at a very low cost to its users.

Online Vehicle & Motorsport Management
LotVantage is an intuitive online solution for automotive dealerships, which lists vehicles to Craigslist, Backpage, CycleTrader, eBay Motors and other online portals.  LotVantage is an internally developed and supported web-based ASP application for online automotive inventory promotion. It was designed to assist automotive dealerships in leveraging the power of Craigslist, eBay Motors and other effective online inventory portals.  LotVantage allows dealerships to effectively manage every step of online inventory promotion from posting to lead management.  LotVantage supports automotive business models of all sizes from small independent dealerships to franchise groups.  LotVantage is also architected to support various value added reseller models through features such as single sign-on and scalable monthly pricing. That's Us Technologies is poised to support exponential growth for LotVantage through strategic reseller partnerships and dealer direct sales channels.  That's Us Technologies will continue to expand LotVantage’s network by adding relationships in vertical markets.

Online Real Estate Marketing Solutions
EstateVantage is a complete online marketing and lead management solution for real estate professionals. Born from the technology that drives LotVantage, this software allows agents and brokers to market their properties for sale across popular online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia and hundreds of other online classifieds websites. Built-in lead management tools and customizable real estate websites help users leverage the power of these marketplaces, gain new customers and generate sales. Leads are saved and organized by their source, making it easier than ever to narrow marketing efforts. Our advanced call tracking system records every phone call and stores it as a lead in our system. The power of social media websites can also be leveraged with EstateVantage's social media tool, which posts properties, custom generated ads and more to Facebook and Twitter.

Online Consumer Merchandise Management
AuctionSound is a powerful internally developed and supported web-based ASP application for consignment stores, online retailers and power sellers on eBay and Craigslist. It was created for eBay Trading Assistants to manage every aspect of their business, from customer management, listing tools, auction templates, image hosting, shipping, and financial reporting, all from one interface. AuctionSound is a certified eBay Compatible Application that supports various business models, from a stand-alone eBay drop off store, a hub and spoke model, a franchise network, or even a Fortune 500 corporation. That's Us Technologies continues to build upon the AuctionSound platform to deliver as a solution for managing all the functions in an online environment. That's Us Technologies continues to expand Auction Sound’s user network by adding relationships in vertical markets.