ThatsWhatIWant.com is an online fashion retailer that designs and manufactures fashion forward clothing for the average sized women; sizes 12-14-16 the most common and most commonly sold out sizes in America. ThatsWhatIWant.com's target customer does not fall in the plus-size category.  And she has difficulty finding the variety and fit she needs regardless of where she shops.

ThatsWhatIWant.com's designers have adjusted the traditional missy-size fit to better reflect the body shape and fashion needs of the average American woman.  Special attention is given to design and fabric selection so clothing does not pull, gap or cling.

To further differentiate them, ThatsWhatIWant.com has developed a unique online outfit builder that allows customers to mix and match wardrobe elements to find the perfect look and then add them to the shopping cart with just one click.  With a low, flat rate delivery charge and a no-hassles return policy, the entire focus of the site is ease of use.

ThatsWhatIWant.com will continue to challenge the status quo and uncover other undeserved markets.