THB BEARING CO.,LTD can supply the following four typical types of slewing rings:
•     Single-row slewing rings have a single row of balls, a standard bearing raceway, and four points of contact between the balls and raceway.
•     Double-row products have two rows of ball bearings, two raceways, and eight points of contacts for each ball.
•     Slewing rings with three independent rows of rollers.
•     Cross rollers slewing rings have a single row of rollers with the axes of alternating, adjacent rollers at right angles to one another.
The slewing rings that we have supplied in the past include our standard ranges of slewing rings and specially designed slewing rings based on customer requirements and specifications. THB BEARING CO., LTD can also supply replacement slewing rings of the major slewing ring brands such as INA, Roballo, Roth Erde, Rollix Defontaine, Avon, Taperex, Kaydon, La Leonessa, RIMA, SKF, RKS, IMO, Titanus, Drecon, PSL, Jost, BPW & BRB Technologies Slewing Rings.
Slewing rings are widely used in many types of machinery, for example, slewing rings and turntables are suitable for foundry shakeout tables, palletizers, wire winders, cable reels, welding tables and turntable applications. Slewing rings can accommodate axial, radial and moment loads. Therefore slewing rings play a critical role in moving mechanisms; some types of slewing rings are used in hoists, excavators, truck-mounted cranes, tower cranes, solar panels as well as in moving bridges.