The Me-Suite offers leadership development and executive coaching services.  Aimed at bringing a C-Suite mentality to leading our own lives, The Me-Suite is focused on personal development centered on purpose, planning and power—similar to leadership in companies and organizations we all admire.

The Me-Suite brings a needed mindset and discipline to:
--Staying true to our own core values
--Keeping the day-to-day activities of our lives running smoothly
--Remaining fresh and relevant for the future we each desire to have

The Me-Suite balances aspiration with practicality for those who are both career-oriented and life-minded.  Services include personal and team development, leadership workshops, keynote speaking and a podcast series where listeners explore C-Suite and executive interviews for tips on developing The Me-Suite mindset and disciplines.

The Me-Suite founder is Donna Peters, a retired senior partner from Accenture Consulting, former professional actor and executive coach.  For the last twenty years, Donna has advised senior leaders at the most respected companies in the world and marshaled the career-paths of thousands of next-generation leaders around the globe.  

“I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most respected and life-minded leaders in business. This experience, coupled with my passion for helping people live the life they desire to live, is the impetus for The Me-Suite,” said Peters.  

Donna Peters and The Me-Suite are a source of power for those who are both career-oriented and life-minded. For more information visit: www.the-me-suite.com. The Me-Suite can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.  Contact The Me-Suite at info@the-me-suite.com.

Listen to The Me-Suite Podcast on all apps for C-Suite and executive interviews on developing The Me-Suite mindset.