2DCAT is an American electronic music producer and synthwave artist.  Synthwave music is also sometimes known as retro wave (retrowave), dreamwave, and synthpop.  Synthwave is heavily inspired by the 1980s new wave genre.

2DCAT began in Tokyo Japan, under various different performing names, during January 2001.  2DCAT started with a primary focus on creating a style of music combining the tranquility of classical music, with the power of heavy and harsh electronic music.  As the years progressed, the music became less harsh, and more inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and New Order.

The early 2DCAT music developed an underground following in Japan and drew enough interest to the point of the band becoming part owner and manager of the biggest and most popular alternative-electronic music club in all of Tokyo, “CyberAgeVoodoo”.

2DCAT released their first music demo, albeit under a different project name / band, in March 2001.  2DCAT’s first live performance came soon afterwards, taking place in Tokyo, Japan. March 2002 brought the Japan only EBM music EP “Regressions”.  2DCAT then signed with Zeitgeist Records and released their first full length album in 2003.

2DCAT has performed live in numerous countries to include Japan, Germany, Canada, and the United States.  After frustration in the EBM scene, 2DCAT went on hiatus in 2007.

After a nearly ten years, 2DCAT has returned to the music screen.  Now splitting time between Washington D.C., and New York City, 2DCAT is once again at work in the music studio and ready to return to the live music scene.