We are VOXOA, based in the City of Fremont, in the San Francisco bay area. We love music, and we love our headphones, but who wants to be tethered with wires? That's the motivation for us to work together in 2012 and finally to start up our company in April, 2013.

Our motto is "Unwired Music, Untangled Freedom".

We strive to make innovative wireless audio headphones and accessories to enrich your music listening experience. Wireless music should sound as good as wired.

We are all veterans in the software, hardware and consumer electronics manufacturing process. Our latest product is the VOXOA sweat proof sports wireless earbuds.

We are true believers of the Kickstart community, and believe together we can bring innovative products to enrich everyone's life.

We love to hear from you, your feedback, and your ideas.

Sales/Service/Support: info@voxoa.com
Media: pr@voxoa.com