The JNP Project™ (Jane NOT Plain™) is an adventure series of books (Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome™) nurturing inner-awesome character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+ years old -- strengthening their healthy self-esteem!

The adventure series of books (31 books in three series of ten, plus a prequel) consist of ten chapters each, with three alternative endings—Jane’s, Jake’s and Oracle’s (the magical fish). In each book readers are challenged to earn their Pearl of Power™ in one of ten core values: TRUTH, KINDNESS, HARMONY, FORGIVENESS, GIVING, LOVE, DETERMINATION, COMPASSION, STRENGTH, and CHARACTER.

Each book’s core value theme is supported by: songs, music, parent activity kits, educator curriculum, website interactive download activities for kids, a kids’ CIA (Club Inner Awesome) website subscription (with monthly downloads and an opportunity for kids to correspond directly with Jane & Jake), and JNP gear — all to support our mission that kids will believe in, and ultimately live by: I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED.™