The BackPack Gallery and its very nature is interactive project. This gallery combines all areas of contemporary visual art into a performance where the gallery space is no longer a building but a sculpture that collaborates  with other artists by interacting with different environments and viewers.  Contemporary art, video, and art installations are mostly confined to galleries and museum spaces.   The BackPack Gallery takes art out of this confinement and into the public and mobile realm and  aims to present art in an interactive and unique setting and combines video, installation, and performance art. The Backpack Gallery is a conceptual/contemporary art space gallery where one of its main mission is to make this type of art more available for main public.   Reaching out to the public that does not get the chance to connect to the art scene or think that museums/art gallery are not comfortable places due to its snobby attitude.  

They are basically 7 small rectangular boxes with a back pack strap attached to the back.  The BackPack Gallery Units are equipped with gallery lights, a folder with artist’s info and CV/bio, guest & comment book, and magnetic doors which hold artist & gallery mission statement.  Each of these rectangular boxes are small galleries except there is no rent to be paid at the end of the month.  Artist showing in the gallery are responsible for creating an installation and perform wearing the backpacks.  So far the BackPack Gallery has done exhibitons/performance in Chicago, Boston, New York and Sweden and and all artist were very pleased with the response they got.  The spaces are not big but the art/concepts are, below are some of the goals and aims of the BackPack Gallery mission statement:

*Making installation, video and contemporary art more accessible to the public.
*Extending the boundaries of the traditional art space.
*Expanding the parameters of an art exhibition space by taking the inside to the outside.
*Raising curiosity and interest in contemporary art.
*Combining performance with all genres of art.
*Interacting with the city, people and the environment where it is exposed.
*It is a humorous method of exhibiting artwork. Artist can have serious concepts and work. For this reason a humorous   method of exhibiting is useful as an introduction to serious issues in all artistic concepts.
*Opening a direct communication line between the artist and the viewer.