Introducing the world's biggest instagram star @the_tomato_kid, or atleast that's the goal.

So we've given ourselves a challenge, we want to create the world's first Tomato superstar, yes you heard me right!

Over the last few weeks, we've asked ourselves, if it's possible for social media to create stars out of a tomato?

So on the 28th of December 2019 we launched @The_Tomato_kid with aims of getting as many people to LIKE and follow his/her page with efforts of becoming that star @the_tomato_kid.

So how are we going to achieve this? Yup,you guessed it right, we need your help create the world first ever tomato social media mega-influencer. All you have to do is LIKE his picture and follow his/her page @The_Tomato_Kid, and let the adventures begin.

Let's make history people!