Abacus Coins, unlike other Crypto Currencies, have their basis in real world mathematical challenges.
As opposed to solving crypto-graphical problems, with the sole result being a Coin or block of Coins; the Abacus Coin mining process produces not only Coins as rewards, but also answers to real world mathematical problems that hold value in themselves.
Why waste endless computing power on solving algorithms when there’s so much more to discover.
Instead of mining to solve cryptography that has no further use, Abacus Coins are mining to solve questions we don't yet have the answers to. Mining Abacus Coins actually helps us become more intelligent as a whole. It could even lead to brand new discoveries across many fields of science, but probably most notably Physics due to its heavy reliance on mathematical equations. The entire universe is in balance, and somewhere out there is an equation that we can use to quantify the very fabric of the cosmos. There is literally no ceiling to what we could achieve together! Every time a problem is solved, a more complex one is introduced. We will never run out of problems to solve there is an infinite amount. As long as we keep mining Abacus Coin we will always make new discoveries!
What is the difference? Well it would help to understand the value of these answers, if you knew who had an interest in them and how they are used.
Are you aware that the American D.O.D pays $1,000,000 for the discovery of new large prime numbers? Just one of the mathematical problems that Abacus Coin mining will produce answers to are new 'Large Primes' so valuable as they are used in encryption and cryptography for security purposes. The Abacus Coin mining process will also calculate 'Ternary Complementary Pairs' which are used in complex systems such as LADAR, RADAR, Airship and Missile guidance systems, as well as host of other applications. Companies and governments pay anywhere from thousands to millions dependent on the complexity of the problem solved and the importance of its practical application. It will also produce Hadamar Matrises, which are immensely complex mathematical objects.