Encounters with yearning  

   For Park, spiritual bankrupt with the perfect looks, only beautiful  women count  until he insults Chloe, a  stranger, and the ugliest female he has ever seen. Whereupon, he is struck to the ground by Eddie, her friend and protector.
   Park, on his knees, perceives in an epiphany that only with the help of the woman he has outraged can he find deliverance from  the bonds of nihilism and self-regard.  He resolves to win Chloe but she, bewildered by his attentions and dismayed by his egotism, rejects his advances. Only his persistence and her own curiosity about his motives eventually lessen her distrust of his sincerity.

   Tentatively, she allows him  into her life, thereby initiating trajectories of self-discovery,     commitment and betrayal, along which all involved ― including tormented, Park obsessed, Miriam ― hazard toward nemesis . . .  

                                                                                                                  . . . or redemption