The Amrita Naked Restaurant is opening this summer
But This Bucket Naked List Restaurant will enforce a strict moral code,
1.     No giggling directed at others parts
2.     No insults directed at others parts
3.     No covering your eyes
4.     No shyness or hiding
5.     No touching others parts
6.     No camera  or phone
The Amrita bare restaurants also has age limits (21 years old to 120 years old) and will demand customers who come do not exceed a weight limit.
The concept is a natural return to nature.
Unlike all other naked restaurants in other countries, the United States location will allow customers to not be completely buck naked, but wear little shorts. Also, different from other countries, the amrita will open with age and weight limits.
For more information, please refer to the website.  www.theamrita.com
The Amrita will also provide disposable paper shorts to wear, and paper seat covers.  
Japan Preparation Office
3-13-4 Azabu Juban Minato-ku
Telephone 81-(050) 5532-2215(Japan)
1-(310) 598-2185(USA)
Contact: Deborah Hashimoto