The Andes Fashion was founded in 2011, by Mirta Evi, a sustainable resources fashion designer born in 1982. From Italian and Spanish heritage, she always loved the art, design, drawing and singing. The result of this creativity and caring about social problems that she knew from previously businesses and projects she was involved; is how she become a faithful believer that fashion business can be a fact to reduce the poverty in Ecuador and other countries. She studied arts, tourism, and fashion design. Mirta resides with her husband Eduardo and her kids in Quito, Ecuador, but they always travel around the continent trying to get the best of South America.

Our company works practicing the rules of the Fair Trade Federation. We collaborate in projects with international NGO's, UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and with many brands around the world. Our company is the leading design team for an international collaboration between UNDP JAPAN, UNDP ECUADOR, MUJI JAPAN and the WAORANI ethnia from Yasuni area. Our company is developing organic home ware accessories, which all these products will be distribute in the 500 MUJI STORES around the world. A percentage from sales goes to Waorani Women Association. This helps to preserve the ancestral technics of this wonderful community from the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest.
The Andes Fashion® as a very near future project, is expanding the horizons with artisans in Guatemala, Africa and India. Our designs are made with organic and recycled fibers , rainforest seeds, vegetable ivory and other eco materials. The company works with over 80 families of artisans, located all over of Ecuador, they are specialized in different materials and design areas according their experiences and skills. We also work with strategy partners around the country to help more and more people.
Among produce great and sustainable designs; we love to produce happy customers around the world too!