The Andraste Group, Inc. launched in November of 2004 and is headquartered in Tracy, CA.  The company assists clients with a wide variety of services ranging from  real estate,  home loans, mortgage protection services and timeshare exit solutions. The Andraste Group, Inc. is a group of companies that includes U.S. Mortgage Protection Services, Timesharescape, along with the Andraste Group Mortgage and Real Estate Divisions.

U.S. Mortgage Protection Services:  Our Counselors here at US Mortgage Protection Services are highly experienced and 100% dedicated to assisting you with your unique needs during this difficult time. Once they review your specific situation, they will find and explore a variety of options to solve your current foreclosure situation. By working directly with you, your lender, and if needed, additional outside agencies, we will be able to develop an effective plan that will successfully stop your foreclosure situation.

We understand what you are going through, the frustration, anxiety, embarrassment, stress and many other emotions that going into foreclosure brings on. We can help you. Call us and let us hear your side of the story and see what we can do to resolve and put an end to this situation. Remember, help is just a phone call away and time is ticking. We’re not talking about a house- we’re talking about your home; do not let them take it away.

Timesharescape:  has a professional and reliable staff that has helped over 20,000 distressed timeshare owners alleviate their financial burden of timeshare ownership. Timesharescape provides an exit strategy for timeshare owners that guarantees results.