Colleagues Devin Cornell and Dave Cullen founded theappoutfitters in early 2010, with a mission to provide simple and effective niche-specific applications for small business owners and their employees, that act as solutions to the multiple demands of running a business.

Basically, they wanted to create applications to make the lives easier of people they've met.  

With Devin & Dave's entrepreneurial background, they were frustrated by the lack of simple software available to help manage the time consuming tasks of being self employed.  Dave's ownership of a technology consultancy that focuses on solutions for small and medium sized businesses meant they had the means to execute their ideas.

Inspired by Devin's wife, our initial application was developed to free up the time of massage therapists.

theappoutfitters will take the technology developed for massageapp, and transform it into additional applications for other niche markets who are looking for simple software to make their lives easier.  Our vision is to create software that will allow individuals to do what they love, rather than spending countless hours working on small tasks, in hopes of empowering small businesses to put the focus back on their client.

During our research, we found that a number of currently developed apps cause more time to be spent learning a new system, or on the phone with customer support... we think this is just more wasted time.   Stubbornly focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and organization, this concoction could be the answer industries are looking for when it comes to finding software that is hassle free, user friendly, and actually increases productivity.