The Beauty & The Taste is the first project from Storytailers Ltd. More than a company, we like to think Storytailers is the reflection of a mindset. We believe good stories are the drive behind any online purchase and that people want to feel content about their shopping experience. Our humble credo is thus to focus on customers, understanding their needs and aiming to make them feeling realised.

And why not, a little proud to be part of our community!

We see The Beauty & The Taste like a boutique. A selected, yet comprehensive catalogue of fine wines across the most important regions in the world, that our customers can browse and purchase by the bottle, through a user journey they can tailor around their preferences. As our founder likes to say, there is not just one story for our wines: we just chose the ones we liked the most, equally expecting our customers to prefer different angles within each and everyone.

All our wines are ready to be enjoyed, include all taxes and duties and are delivered for free to London and the United Kingdom. We partner with selected suppliers specialised in wine and spirits in order to ensure a high quality, secure service for all our customers. We deliver Monday to Friday, providing the orders are placed on the website before 3:00pm.