The Bitcoin Tutor provides educational services regarding bitcoin, the future of money. Courses cover bitcoin investing, safe and secure handling of digital currencies and information on future trends.

Courses are provided online by video, live call, and numerous types of additional study and support materials including checklists, guides and fill-in-the-blanks forms. Group coaching and consulting is also available. Personal consulting is also available.

Marc A. Carignan, founder of The Bitcoin Tutor, is author of the best-selling introductory book in bitcoin, The Bitcoin Tutor: Unlocking the Secrets of Bitcoin. Carignan brings over 15 years of Silicon Valley experience as a software consultant, trainer and executive during the internet boom years. He brings his ability to trade complex technical terminology for understandable and actionable education that virtually anyone use.

As the world is becoming more connected and business more global, transnational currencies like bitcoin will become a preferred method for international trade and commerce.