The Body Evolution was founded specifically for people of all walks of life. Whether you are striving to burn fat and lose weight, build muscle and become lean and cut, increase energy and strength, enhance metabolism or just be healthy, our products were designed to cater to all of the above needs.

Our company exists of individuals who are supplement users. Our team consists of fitness competitors, bio-chemists, professional bikers, professional powerlifters, trainers, professional bodybuilders, professional basketball players, Olympians, professional strongmen competitors, soccer moms, seniors and everyday gym goers.

The Body Evolution is not your typical supplement company. We did not open our doors to just make money, provide a musclehead supplement or scream to the world that we have the magic diet pill. We opened our doors to help people. We believe in our slogan, “Real People, Real Results.” We also have always believed that there is a better and easier way to provide products that really work, taste good and mix easy! The founder of The Body Evolution, Jason Hansen, has always made it his first priority to listen to the customer first and sell second. The Body Evolution believes in providing the highest quality supplements with ingredients that are immediately bio-available to the body.

Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and every supplement processed is given a third party analysis for quality and assurance.

The Body Evolutions team of Bio-Chemists and scientists makes every effort to insure that products made will do the job every time they are consumed.

Our line of supplements were developed for the most basic to the most serious supplement users today. If you are a serious supplement user, you have come to the right place….

The Body Evolutions Sports Supplementation line was specifically designed and added for individuals who want to take their diet and exercise to the next level. Packed with Power,these supplements are loaded with ingredients to create more power, strength, overall endurance, fat burning potentiation and recuperation. Whether you want that bodybuilder physique, energy as an everyday Mom, fitness model look or extremely powerful strongman strength; these supplements will help you reach your plateau.

Our company is here to help you Find The New You through proper nutrition, supplementation and training. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.