Here at The Brach Group, we represent our client's brand with honesty and Integrity, while we provide excellent customer service to their business customers. We believe business should be done directly with the business owners rather than over the phone, where we can do business with a smile and a hand shake. We promise our clients we will not only provide excellent customer retention, but also new customer acquisition. Our goal is to be the largest outsourced marketing and consulting firm in North America.

The promise we make to our staff is to provide a welcome and enjoyable learning environment, while providing opportunity for growth and advancement. With our full proof training program, we teach and train all of our employees everything they need to know about our clients, consumers and products. We provide both a classroom style learning environment as well as full on the job training for visual, auditory as well as kinesthetic learners.

At The Brach Group, we have a portfolio of multi-million dollar companies that we work with out of our 15 offices in the U.S. The services our clients provide range from office and medical supplies, communications and even energy supply. Our clients hire us to maintain and grow their commercial business accounts. Our Marketing Specialists put a professional face to million dollar name. For this reason, we understand here at The Brach Group how important it is to invest in our employees to grow brands and our company.