The Breeder's Assistant specializes in delivering hands-on education to horse breeders.  Dr. Jim Kubiak teaches 1 to 5-day schools covering Reproductive Management,  Fresh Semen Collection & Evaluation, Cooled Semen, Utilizing Frozen Semen, Freezing Stallion Semen, Equine Embryo Transfer, Uterine Flushing, Deep Horn Insemination and Reproductive Ultrasound Workshops.  These schools are directed toward the horse breeder who would like to gain the skills necessary to successfully breed and manage both their own and their client's horses (Ultrasound is for private use only).

Dr. Kubiak is an equine reproductive physiologist who moved to Ramona, CA in January 2001. He owns and operates The Breeder's Assistant, a business that provides reproductive services and delivers reproductive short courses to horse breeders.

Prior to moving to Ramona, Dr. Kubiak served as an Extension Horse Specialist with the Cooperative Extensive Service at North Carolina State University for three years. He coordinated and/or instructed the NC State Horse Breeding Management, Transported Cooled & Frozen Semen and Foaling Management short courses for horse owners in the southeastern United States.

Dr. Kubiak also coordinated and instructed Canada's Horse Reproductive Schools at Olds College located in Olds, Alberta, Canada from 1988 to 1997. He also taught breeding, foaling, genetics and production management courses to students enrolled in the college's Equine Science Diploma program.

Dr. Kubiak is a 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University where he received his Ph.D. degree in Reproductive Physiology. He completed his Master’s degree in Animal Science in 1984 and Bachelor of Science degree in Vocational Agriculture in 1981 while attending Colorado State University.