Entrepreneur Tom Case, a Licensed Customs Broker since 1968, founded Camelot in 1977. Since then our company’s success has been a direct result of the success of our clients. In fact, our first customer is still with us. We strive for accuracy in everything we do and continually seek to improve.

Camelot is looking forward to a bold future. The next generation of the Case family, daughter Kellie, joined the firm in 1996 and earned her Customs broker license and currently holds the position of Vice President.

Our Mission:

At Camelot, we are givers. We pride ourselves on our ability to contribute to our clients’ growth by cost efficient expediting of imports and exports while maintaining strong relations with everyone with whom we work.

At Camelot, we are family. We strive to respect each other and always support each other in our work.

At Camelot, we care about our customers. We deliver innovative strategies that build both import and export assistance as well as worldwide brokerage and transportation capabilities; we seek ways to constantly help improve our clients’ business growth.

At Camelot, we continually learn. We challenge assumptions daily and explore all means that will advance productive relationships inside and outside the company.