We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of canvas art available anywhere in the world; reproduced to museum quality standards using the finest inks and canvas material available and assembled by a highly experienced team using time-tested methods of construction. When you shop with The Canvas Art Gallery you’ll enjoy a selection featuring more than 40 million prints from over 100,000 different artists from across the globe!

Our founder and  CEO, Joshua McClure grew up in New York City helping his father, renowned artist Herbert McClure, stage his artwork in exhibitions at places like the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  Prior to launching our giclee art reproduction operations, Joshua worked as a Master Photographer photographing art work for major art collectors across the US as well as producing commercial product photography for companies such as Infinity and Harmon Kardon and others.

Our work with professionals in the arts industry over the past 30 years  has subjected us to the highest level of scrutiny by the artists themselves for producing the most faithful, and highest quality reproductions of their work possible.  And doing it at an affordable price.  This is what we’ve been doing for 30 years.

The Canvas Art Gallery has the capability to produce extra large prints up to 54″ X 120″.  We use only archival quality inks and the finest, award winning canvas from Breathing Color. Stretched canvas prints are produced using our custom designed, durable poplar-wood stretcher bars and wrapped in clear poly bags with bubble wrap corners before being packed in soft-padded custom cut boxes for shipment.

Our professional experience and expertise combined with our state of the art printing equipment and the highest quality raw materials make us the leading supplier of custom canvas giclee printed artwork.  Our founder and CEO, Joshua McClure, is the son of renowned artist Herbert McClure whose works have been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  Joshua grew helping his father stage his artwork showings and he is steeped in the details of art presentation.  Joshua is an artist and worked as professional commercial photographer before devoting his full time to art reproduction services for other artists and photographers.  You can read some of their testimonials here on the site.

We specialize in canvas and print artwork sales to the professional trades with a wealth of experience in serving the hospitality market and other commercial venues.  Whether you are working with branded proprietary imagery and require custom printing and framing services or whether you need a turnkey artwork supplier we have the resources and experience to meet your needs.

We offer custom canvas, paper and metallic printing through our sister company, Canvas Giclee Printing.   Canvas Giclee Printing has been serving professional artists and photographers for over 1 5 years and we’ve earned our reputation as the best print lab in the country with our state-of-the-art printing equipment, superb quality raw materials and most of all – our careful eye for detail.  They appreciate the arts and they consistently demonstrate their ability to reproduce the stunning work that comes through their studio every day.  

With our realtor closing gift program you get substantial discounts on gifts for verified buyers.  You can choose a print of your own liking, or purchase a discounted gift certificate, or provide an image that we will faithfully reproduce on a museum quality canvas for truly unique piece of custom artwork.  And best of all, you can provide such a memorable gifts at prices starting under $100.  If you enroll in an annual purchasing agreement program we’ll provide custom designed, branded gift cards and you’ll be eligible for additional discounts and other special services to help make your gift giving process easier and even more memorable.