The Chocolate Spectrum was founded by Valerie Herskowitz in 2013. Ms. Herskowitz started this company in order to provide a meaningful experience for her son, Blake, 23 years old, who has autism. After having exhausted all options for him after high school, Ms Herskowitz, a speech pathologist, pastry chef and chocolatier decided to create this Micro-Enterprise, because her son had an interest in the pastry world. After one year, Blake was successfully trained, and Ms. Herskowitz decided to bridge her therapy and pastry art skills and offer training to other adults with developmental disabilities. The Chocolatier Training Program does just that. Once a week for 3 hours, Ms. Herskowitz trains others in the art of chocolate. There is no fee for this training, therefore, they rely on sales of their chocolate and donations. The Chocolate Spectrum provides beautiful chocolate for all occasions including holidays, birthdays, weddings, conventions, and parties.