The Civic League Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1963 and is dedicated to community service and providing financial support to the cities, schools and community at large. It promotes philanthropic, educational and social work, thereby improving the quality of life for all citizens.

As a small, all-volunteer and all-women organization, The Civic League has received repeated local recognition for its dedication to the improvement of the community and its willingness to provide assistance to those organizations that need start-up funding and support for programs that fill unmet needs in the community.

Believing a small group would result in the most effective service, the League’s all-volunteer membership was initially limited to fifty. Because of the close personal associations and the responsibilities placed on each member, the quality of service remains high. The group’s bylaws require each member to support the fundraising project with time and hard work and in return offers an unmatched sense of personal fulfillment, volunteerism and community support.  There are openings for new active members.  To find out more, visit www.thecivicleague.org.

The Civic League raises over $50,000+ each year through an annual Home Tour. As a public community foundation, the Civic League has established a number of designated funds for individuals and businesses. The money raised serves various purposes, mainly funding scholarships and grants.  

The largest recipient of funds is the League’s own scholarship program. Scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors attending the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD and surrounding communities. Need based, they include both academic and job skills training plus students may re-apply for continuing support. The program began in 1965 with one $100 scholarship and has grown to a distribution of over $50,000 annually.

The group chooses a number of non-profit organizations to receive civic grants each year.  Organizations must submit a grant application and go through a three-step voting process that starts with a committee investigation and ends with the general membership vote to award the money. Grants are also awarded in a timely manner to those organizations with immediate needs less than $500

Why give to The Civic League?  Because they can’t do it alone!  Contributions, whether large or small, enable The Civic League to continue the commendable work that benefits our local community. Over the past few years the economy has forced most Americans to tighten up their wallets. A lot of people have taken pay cuts, and many are unable to find employment. Not only does that make it harder to obtain charitable donations, but it also increases the number of students that really need assistance from our scholarships, as well as increasing the needs of social service agencies in our community.

The impact of the League can be found all across the Metrocrest.  The list goes on. There’s hardly an area in the community that has not benefited from the League’s concern and commitment.  To date, nearly $2.3M has been distributed across our area thanks to the generous support from local businesses and philanthropists in addition to the caring and giving sprits of the members of the League.

More information about The Civic League and 2010 Home Tour can be found at www.thecivicleague.org.