At The Clockwork Group, we are dedicated to developing powerful trading algorithms and high frequency trading systems. With over 33 years experience, both as software developers and in various financial positions such as traders, brokers, and advisors, we know exactly what’s needed to make a top quality trading system. Numerous International Banks, Hedge Funds, Corporate Treasurers and others have long employed our proprietary algorithms to drive their trading decisions. In liquid, high-frequency markets such as Forex and the Financial Futures markets, our algorithms are essential.

All of our methodologies and strategies have been thoroughly researched, thoroughly tested and, most importantly, market traded. Our trading models, formulas and algorithms decipher historical and recent market data, crunch the numbers and deliver users real time, attractive risk / reward trades trades directly to their brokerage accounts.

Armed with any of our trading apps, all your buying and selling can be put on auto-pilot, to allow you to relax. All the stress and guesswork of trading is eliminated, leaving you with just the measurable results. We offer several powerful trading apps and non-correlated strategies to create a diversified portfolio. Each strategy can be set-up to auto-ex trade CFD’s, Equities, ETF’s, Forex and /or Futures for you at various compatible brokerage firms or trading platforms.