Contrado {kon tra do}  v.   def.  To collaborate and deliver wholly together.

The Contrado Group represents the merger of two building industry support service firms.

Aterra Designs

In 1999, Aterra Lighting Design & Controls was founded as a division of Edson Electric Supply to meet the needs of home builders. The company steadily grew, expanded, and became independent in 2004. In 2008, a new division, Aterra Designs, was created that offered packaged based solutions in a virtual format for option sales. Today, we offer a new revenue generating arm for builders through interactive selection systems for technical options. This new process will enable both the homeowner and builder to take advantage of the new era of digital convergence.

Outhouse LLC

This outsourcing company was formed in 1997 through the union of three core companies offering complementary services to the homebuilding industry. The first company was Centeon Corporation that focused on graphics and printing for builders, then Nexus Multimedia specialized in 3D renderings, and finally Architectural Solutions which provided the AutoCAD drafting services. Because the three partners found, on many occasions, they were working in tandem with the same builders sharing files and information, they took advantage of the opportunity to integrate into one company forming Outhouse LLC.

The Contrado Group

The cycle is now complete. From architectural support and marketing services, to revenue generating option sales program, builders can count on value in teaming with The Contrado Group. Our Integrated Process Management (IPM) techniques integrate people, technology, business structures and practices into a stream-lined system. This collaboration captures the visions and talents of all team members to optimize project results, increase value to the builder, accelerate project completion, improve accuracy, minimize waste, and maximize efficiencies through all stages of design, documentation, construction, marketing, and sales.


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