Passion is the driving force behind The Creative Trove.  We are a new division of Polymath Enterprises, LLC located in Lafayette, Louisiana, in the heart of Acadiana.  This area of the south is rich in creative cultures.

We are absolutely adamant about offering a wide range of unique home decor pieces that will enrich surroundings with a truly aesthetic look.  The products that we offer are designed by artists or sculptors, reproduced using state-of-the-art methods and every piece is finished by hand.  The range of decor styles that we offer can be described as antiquated, fancy, classic, modern, traditional, elegant, rustic, opulent and exotic.  

What we do not offer is mediocrity.  We want our customers to have a comfortable shopping experience and we want the quality of our ever expanding product line to evoke a sense of awe.  Customer service is very important to us so we strive to be accommodating in every way.