The Dahill Group is a professional search, recruiting and consulting firm with 17 years of recruiting experience and 25 years in the oil patch. The principal goals of the company lie in strategic recruitment for the oil and gas industry. The Dahill Group offers a selection of recruiting and search solutions, including but not limited to: retained search, contingency search and consulting.

The Dahill Group strives to do it different and better than ever - by seeking new ways to replace the old, yet still maintaining the core foundation of what it takes to make successful candidate placements in the industry. Connecting our common values with those of our clients set the stage for a successful partnership.

Dynamic forces across the globe are reshaping our lives and creating a wave of new opportunities. The Dahill Group can inform and help you understand what these changes mean for you and your career.

Amid rapid strides toward energy independence in the US we are experiencing a surge in US business and technological innovations  that are transforming  the landscape of the hiring demands in the oil & gas industry.  Projections give an increase of 36% in hiring in some core specialties within the industry.  The demands of your organization call for experience level attorneys, land men, tax experts, geologists.  

How do you set yourself apart from the competition that is searching for the same talent? The Dahill Group understands these issues and concerns and provides insight and direction in how you can set yourself ahead of your competition for talent. We bring an innovation and success to the search process. The Dahill Group is your guide.