The Dead Electrics features otherworldly synths and a beautifully dreadful buzz of electricity. The Southwest-based band finds its influence in late 60’s classic rock, with a taste of 80’s post-punk, and early 90’s alternative. With the eerie psychedelic amusement of Meet Me in the Shadows to the poetic moodiness of Skin & Bone, the band offers something for everyone.

The Dead Electrics was formed in the late 2010s by singer-songwriter Jaime “Jimmy” Aranda. Having worked with bands in the past, Aranda formed The Dead Electrics from the ashes of his previous projects. Seeking a new sound and a new look, the creator established the band as a reflection of everything that devised him throughout the years.

As a singer-songwriter, he writes the music for the band, creating poems and stories for the entire troop to tell. Through this reincarnation project, Aranda sought for someone to act as the backbone for the band and found drummer Saul Ibarguen.