TheDentistSearch.com is an online directory of dentists and dental specialists located in the United States.  Patients can search by city name or zip code to find a local dentist, orthodontist, cosmetic dentist, pediatric dentist, oral surgeon, endodontist, prosthodontist or periodontist.  The website also contains informative articles on dental procedures.  A blog written by dentists provides further information on dental hygiene and informative articles to help patients make educated dental decisions.

One unique aspect of www.TheDentistSearch.com is its relationship with several dental industry vendors who offer discounts to the members of the directory.  The owner of the directory is a practicing dentist who has grown his practice in recent years with the exclusive use of online advertising.  In creating the directory, the owner brainstormed ways to make the directory not only beneficial to potential new patients, but also to dentists.