Digital tools and resources aren't silver bullets that magically transform education, but online learning, blended learning, and the use of technology can increase student opportunities and improve student outcomes, when developed by thoughtful school leaders and implemented by effective teachers.

DLAC celebrates K-12 digital learning practitioners, researchers, and policymakers; learn from each other; and share best practices in this new and innovative conference. This is not a "sit and get" conference. You will have opportunities to share your experiences, learn from collaborators, catch up with colleagues, and meet new friends in both facilitated sessions and informal settings. This DLAC 2019 highlight video will give you a flavor of the conference format. So much of the value of a conference comes from the "hallway conversations" outside the sessions. DLAC maximizes those opportunities while maintaining the benefits of more traditional conference programming. DLAC brings together practitioners working on real change and is designed for a wide range of attendees, including:

• Educators (superintendents, school/district leaders, teachers) in online/blended schools seeking to share best practices and learn from one another.
• Mainstream school educators seeking to start or develop system-level (school or district) digital learning programs and strategies.
• Companies and non-profit organizations providing digital tools, resources, professional learning, and other support.
• Online and blended learning consortia providing digital learning services to member districts.
• Researchers who work with educators to implement evidence-based improvements and enhancements.
• State education agency personnel and other policymakers who seek to support digital learning in a range of schools.