The Doll Kind was created by two moms on a mission: To empower and inspire a generation of children to create a kinder world, one heart at a time. The mom duo, Victoria Farmer and Jackie Konczol, has created beautifully designed, huggable kindness dolls for your children. What makes the dolls special is that each doll comes along with a bag of heart-shaped tokens that children can give out as a random act of kindness. Each token is imprinted with the phrase ‘share the love’ on it. This phrase encourages the passing on of acts kindness.

When creating the company, the momprenuers hoped to build something that would teach valuable lessons through play. The tokens are a tool to empower children to share their innate kindness to help create a better world. The dolls are the child's companion, and a symbol for hope when times call for a much-needed hug.  Both moms recognize that in every child’s hands lies the potential to do good and change the world, and that children’s toys have a profound effect on their childhood. “It is our hope that we can make the role of being parents a little easier by bringing greater value to playtime,” explained cofounder Jackie Konczol. “That’s why we founded The Doll Kind, to harness the power of toys for a good cause.”

The Doll Kind believes in leading by example, that's why for each doll sold a doll is donated to a child less fortunate. The donation sites will be throughout the USA and countries around the world. The Doll Kind has teamed up with many organizations willing and waiting to accept the dolls to distribute to these children less fortunate.