From T-Ball to Travel Ball we have seen hundreds of Dug Outs.

With 9 up to 15 players, each with a minimum of three pieces of equipment and a drink the dug out can become quit unsafe and be in disarray from the start of the game.

Let’s take the average of 13 player’s times 4 (Helmet, Glove, Bat and a Drink)
13 x 4 = 52 items in a narrow space with 13 to 16 bodies? (Coach’s & Manager)

Believe it or not, 12-16U travel teams dug outs are the worst then T-Ball or 8U.
T-Ball the Managers, Coaches and Parents still clean up after the kids and try to keep up with the equipments and drinks.

Safety is the major concern with all of the excitement and running in and out of the dug out of the dug out jumping over each others equipment it’s no wonder more injuries do not occur.

How many partially used drinks have you thrown out because the kids lost track of who’s drink was whose?

That’s a $1.00 OR $1.50 a bottle each game...

How many times have you mixed up gloves?

How many times have you lost a Bat, Glove or Helmet?

How many times have you damaged a Bat, Glove or Helmet?

The hooks, ropes, bungee cords, metal hangers and home made baskets do not provide the safe one stop solution, the DOM does...
The Dug Out Manager provides a safe, inexpensive, sleek, light weight, compact, easy to use and cool looking solution to the Dug Out Management Dilemma...

Put name and number on the provided labels, hang the DOM and BAM you are ready...