The Drunken Bundt Cakery Company LLC, based in Arizona was started by Ruth Michunovich in response to corporate reorganization that eliminated her position. After nine years working for someone else, it was the most opportune time to work on her own behalf.

The company mission is to create new spirit infused bundt cake recipes on an ongoing basis and bring them to market online and locally. They produce cocktail booze infused drunken bundt cakes that meet deliciousness specifications. If it sounds like an adult beverage cocktail made with alcohol that exists at your local restaurant or drinking establishment or even one they invent, their mission is to make bundt cakes that taste like the inspiration liquor beverage without the "after effects".

The drunken bundt cakes are not just for special occasions. Breakfast is as good a time as any for The Drunken Bundt Cakery Company LLC brand cakes.

They are entirely glazed with the appropriate flavors that soak into and then seal the natural moistness in.  Additional drizzles on top of the glazes finish the bundt cakes to appeal to the eye as well as the palate.

The drunken bundt cakes do not have a "boozy" effect but instead deliver the same flavors as the cocktail inspirations.  Children can eat the bundt cakes without any alcohol effects since the alcohol disperses during the baking and glazing process.

The bundt cakes are available on the website in two sizes.  Full cakes are 9.5 inches round and Personal Bundts are 4 inches round.  A half cake is available at off line events.

Shelf life is 8 days after baking.  The cakes can be picked up at the Kreative Kupcake bakery where the drunken bundt cakes are made in Avondale, Arizona, delivered locally in the Phoenix, Arizona area or shipped anywhere in the USA.  Once received, the drunken bundt cakes can be frozen and then thawed for serving at a later date.  The taste, textures and moistness are not affected in any negative way.

The online shop accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover via PayPal processing.  They also accept cash and checks and Purchase Orders.  

Current flavors available are:  Tequila Pumpkin Spice, Southern Comfort, Mudslide Chocolate, Irish Breakfast Butterscotch.

New flavors are being added and custom cocktail cake are available via a custom quote system.  Research and development for custom cakes can increase the purchase price.