We passionately believe that virtually all disposable products should be made from earth friendly materials. 100s of millions of cell phone covers are used and thrown away every year. Consumers seek and find very few green options in the tech world.

Today, we bring you the eCo-cover that is earth friendly, compostable, baby-safe, BPA-Free, Lead-Free, and made in the USA from non-GMO corn. Not only are these covers eco, they are high quality, robust covers that will protect your phone. We have a bumper around the face of the cover to protect from drops. Our covers are virtually unbreakable, offering 100% sensor function and have a soft touch feel like no other cover on the market.

To make it even better, we now offer 100% full protection with the addition of the IPG invisible display guard addition to our 6 iPhone cover! This hammer-proof and shock-proof guard is made from NASA technology, makes your screen unbreakable.

The eCo-cover, the passionate cover.