The e-counsellor provides an interface between the modern world of communication technology and the most up to date research lead therapeutic tools.


Our programmes are developed and refined on an on-going basis based on therapist and user feedback.
You will be supported throughout the programme by an experienced therapist who will be your personal on-line e-counsellor. They will provide regular feedback and guidance as you move through your chosen programme.


An e-chat involves you typing your feelings, thoughts, problems or concerns and sending them via E-chat mail. Your e-counsellor then takes the time to read your mail, reflect upon it and send a personalized response. You can send an E-chat mail at any time.
Our E-chat service is easily accessible, all you need is a personal email address to send and receive your E-chat mail. With this service you have the opportunity to write about the issue that you require support for. This means that you can express your thoughts and feelings as they occur.


At the e-counsellor we also acknowledge the benefits of face to face therapy and realises that this may be something you are looking for and could benefit from. We understand that it can be very confusing to find a therapist as there are a number of different disciplines and accrediting bodies. We also acknowledge that everybody has a different experience and may need some help highlighting the difficulties they would like to work on.
Is available 24 hours a day, every day.
Guides you to think about the difficulties and experiences in an assessment form.
An e-counsellor consultant will speak directly to a therapist and ascertain whether they are suitable to work with you.
You will be sent the details of this therapist within 24 hours and allowed to contact them in your own time as they will be aware of you.
You will also be sent the contact details of two further therapists who we will not contact but we deem as suitable if you do not feel comfortable with our first recommendation. You will then be able to contact them in your own time.
We will also be happy to speak to another therapist if you would like a further recommendation.
All the therapist we contact will be professionals accredited by either the BACP, UKCP,BABCP, BPS.
The e-counsellor find a face to face therapist service will search and liaise with a therapist based on:

The area of the country in which you would like to see a therapist.
The price range that you would like us to search on.
The times that you are available to have therapy.
The things you would like to work on in therapy, including if you would like an agreed short term period of therapy or open ended therapy.