As global business partners…

We find and fix what businesses often don’t see is wrong.

37 years as management consultants, business advisors, with a team of 52 licensed consultants worldwide. Our consultants work in a variety of businesses and have a large knowledge base. As “generalists” our knowledge base is multi-faceted.

Our methodology is based on business psychology, utilizing strategic planning modules, team training, and creating strategy analysis for business development.

Building upon the foundation of analyzing & advising businesses, our reputation for “no buzzwords, in your face honesty” is quite well known. We pride ourselves on being unprofessional. Professionals just talk. We Execute.

We have specialized experience in the following industries: food service, hospitality, financial services, global, organizational and new product development, manufacturing industries, mergers/acquisitions, IT & Engineering, Digital Media, and we are certified bankruptcy trustees working in restructuring financially distressed businesses.

The Evans Group LLC is a multi-talented & multi-faceted team of consultants with broad-based experience in various industries, and over 85 countries, where they have served an extensive array of publicly owned and privately held companies. Rated regularly in the top 100 business advisors in the U.S.

“Generalist” consulting, worldwide, advising on building organizations and people. A strong federation of consulting experts; we question everything and create executable plans to develop people, products and services.