TheExpat.com is the oldest digital Expat media operation in Asia, starting in Singapore in 1997.

Also in magazine format, EXPAT magazine readership peaked at 90,000 in 2005 and the website had over 500,000 unique visitors per month in 2010.

The EXPAT Magazine has a large and loyal following around the Asia region, particularly in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Many Blue Chip companies successfully used the magazine and website to build their brand and generate new business. Advertisers included HSBC, Shangri-La Group, Barclays Bank, British Airways, Qantas among others.

Now under new management the website is being redesigned and re-launched to provide one of the best online portals for expats across the Asia region providing expats with relevant content, sociability , professional expert advice, listings, E-Guides and a sense of community.

TheExpat.com online portal is designed to cater to the needs of growing number of professional expatriates initially living in Asia. As a typically high earning, high spending demographic of a local population the ‘expat’ group has a significant appeal to many businesses.