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Unfair, Unethical or illegal -------
The court of public opinion decides if the legal system fails

Foreclosures JP Morgan Chase Case details from court documents
Fairfax County General District Court Virginia case #
Profit 2012 JP Morgan Chase http://www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/Home/home.htm
Ford Motors increases profits by denying warranty claims - http://corporate.ford.com/
Insured driver loses everything when tow truck company refuses to release work truck http://willowspringtowing.com/
Consultant ripping of desperate small business owners   IPA Consulting http://www.ipa-c.com/
IPA Consultanting paid Millions of dollars to be Endorsed by Hillary Clinton
Illegal immigrants not paid by employers
Exotic dancers In Boston not paid by employer (MAFIA)
Debt collectors tactics,  Robo calls etc
Internal Revenue Service holds back results of audits until appeals time expires
Cintas Uniforms www.cintas.com Over charging to cancel contracts
Dan Snyder - Actions causing pain and suffering
Dan Snyder - Actions lowering value of season tickets
Sareen & Associates - Created problems with IRS for many businesses
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--- Let the lawyers decide if they are acting illegally YOU may get VERY well paid

These companies may be part of season 2
Mid Atlantic Water Proofing - www.basements.com
Chevy Chase Bank - www.chevychasebank.com
Nextel Wireless - www.sprint.com
Yellow Book USA - www.yellowbookusa.com
Cardinal Bank - www.cardinalbank.com
Dell Financial - www.dell.com
Bray and Scarff - www.brayandscarff.com
Telcan - www.telcan.net
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