For a long time, geeks and fans of pop culture (games, books, movies, comics, etc.) have
been using social networks like FB, Twitter and Reddit to chat, search for friends and consume new content.
The problem is that ordinary social networks represent people from the usual side,
leaving their talents and hobbies in the shadow.
Therefore, it’s not easy for fans to find those who share their interests and way of thinking;
with whom to discuss favorite titles here and now. To find awesome post they have to check
hundreds of alike groups on FB.

Many are forced to hide their hobbies from superiors, colleagues, parents and friends, for fear of being misunderstood.

But it's important for enthusiastic people to express themselves, to compete and to experience vivid emotions in the like-minded community.

That’s why we came up with the idea of THEFANDOME (https://about.thefandome.com) and have been developing it since 2015.

It’s an atmospheric platform for all who want to show themselves as a member of favorite fandoms and find new friends who understand them and their tastes.
Differences from classic social networks:
1. Describe yourself using detailed fan profiles with hundreds of hobbies, tags, skills, ideologies, fictional languages and various titles.
2. Find new friends who share your opinions, hobbies and preferences, with whom you can always find an interesting topic for conversation,
play together in a game or attend a convention.
3. Join global fandoms and get the best content from geeks and fans from all over the Earth.
4. Prove your fanself by leveling up your skills and interests, completing special tasks in a game form.

For Business:
1. Promote your products exactly to those who do enjoy this or that hobby with a maximum CTR and minimum CPM. It’s more than Google or FB can provide.
2. Research the fan audience of your product in two-clicks to know what your fans would like, how to promote something new and reduce business risks.
3. Promote your products through the game mechanics with personal achievements. It deepens fans’ love and loyalty.