Website Attracts People Looking To Learn More About Cooking Healthier  

More people are eating less meat, or are vegan these days.  Whether they are doing it for "Meatless Mondays", health or ethical reasons, the trend is to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy out of their diet.  http://thefatveganchef.com was created to help people do this by producing easy to follow videos and recipes.  Chef Jared created a new website that walks people through making fun and tasty vegan recipes and sharing tips, tricks and techniques.

http://thefatveganchef.com is a new website that caters to meat eaters, new vegans, and experienced vegans alike.  He has had positive comments like "Such a simple recipe but that really is what Spanish people have for breakfast and it is SO good! Thanks!". It is clear that he will have a following on both his webpage and on youtube.  So far there are sixteen videos with new videos being posted often.  

Jared was a chef for eleven years and has been a vegan for twenty. He took his professional cooking experience and veganism and combined them with his love for teaching people new things.  He decided to create videos and publish them for the world to learn that cooking vegan food is not difficult to do.  To learn more about Jared and http://thefatveganchef.com you can watch his short introductory video here: http://thefatveganchef.com/about.  

http://thefatveganchef.com was created to help people cook delicious vegan food.  The website has recipes, tips, tricks, and techniques that helps omnivores and long time vegans alike and caters to everyone's cooking ability.


If you would like more information or an interview you can contact me at Jared@thefatveganchef.com