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Local Mental Health Advocate Translates Words Of Hope In 8 Different Languages

[Fairfield, NSW]: The Feel Project, a counselling practice specializing in cultural values has announced the inaugural launch of a mental health focussed self-care box that contains locally curated products.

In a time when the message of good mental health is needed more than ever, Ms Lam has found a unique way to help share this message to people in their own native language. This approach breaks through language barriers and seeks to expand the reach of those who can receive or know how to ask for mental health support.

The Feel Project Self-Care Box is designed to help people connect and start a conversation about mental health without fear and judgement. The featured item within the self-care box is a set of affirmation cards translated into eight (8) different languages.

The intention of the cards are to inspire and encourage families who are finding it hard to express their feelings know that they are not alone.

In addition to the affirmation cards, the self-care box contains purposefully selected sensory items contributed by a community of small local businesses who are doing their bit to show families that mental health is not about treatment, it is about self-care.

Based in Fairfield, The Feel Project founded by mental health counsellor, Kelly Lam, grew up in an Asian community not being aware of the accessibility to mental health support, is determined to help families understand that physical health is important as mental health.

Along with a mission to embrace mental health and cultural upbringing, The Feel Project is donating proceeds of every sale of The Feel Project Self-Care Box to support Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

Find out more about The Feel Project Self-Care Box and join the change to help everyday people make their mental health a priority.

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