Feisty (adj.) – having or showing a lively aggressiveness; spunky

There’s no misnomer here, as the Feisty Piranhas live up to their name in the music, stage presence, and personality. A pop punk, rock, and reggae band hailing from Ventura County, California, The Feisty Piranhas bring a vivacious and spunky energy to the music scene, both on stage and off. Started by father/son drummer and guitarist duo Peter Lust, Jr. and Peter Alex Lust III in 2002, the band has made quite a splash, winning numerous recognitions and awards – most recently achieving two wins for "Producer's Choice: Best Live Album" and "Best Rock Drummer of the Year, Peter Lust Jr." at the 20th Annual (2010) Los Angeles Music Awards. Now, with the addition of two new members Ned Gardner and Dave Fox on bass and guitar, the Feisty Piranhas are primed for taking their band to the next level. This high‐energy band brings a hard, loud, and fast sound to the stage, favorably compared to groups as diverse as Green Day and NOFX, to Rush and even Pink Floyd. It is no wonder, then, that the Feisty Piranhas have been invited to play at world renowned venues and open for big name acts like punk stalwarts The Misfits and Dragonforce, as well as seminal longtime rockers Blue Oyster Cult and The Tubes. At the top of their game and ready to rock, the Feisty Piranhas are eager to spread their music to a larger audience, starting with the release of their new album in January of 2011.

So, the question is… Are you ready to get Feisty?