The Frank art center produces contemporary art exhibits that challenge our audiences’ aesthetic paradigm. We are an experimental impermanent art space that ‘pops up’ on the peninsula of San Francisco wherever we can convince forward-minded realtors to loan us space between leases. Our aim is to connect a cultural community whilst providing a vehicle for expression to local and international artists. We believe that through public engagement we can encourage an inclusive dialogue.

At the Frank we believe that art should be free and accessible. Cultural outreach and education are an important goal of The Frank. To this end we encourage public engagement and tours plus school groups.

Our long term goal is to create a permanent contemporary art space to provide a venue for local artists to flourish and our local community to be engaged in challenging art.

The Name : Why are we called The Frank? Because we want to be frank, forthright and relevant. Transparent in our mission to describe what is happening at this moment. BE BRAVE is our mantra, to continually push boundaries and not capitulate to the lowest common denominator when it comes to our shows. It is a suggestion for our audience too, enter with an open mind and heart and experience first before judging. Contemporary art can be confronting and confusing – that’s the way we like it! Ask questions and BE BRAVE!