Delhi City Reporter App Celebrates 100 Years of Delhi
Delhi City Reporter app helps citizens report any happening live from the ground, connects women to the women cell, also eases tourists’  visit to historical monuments, suggests best timings, helps with taxi bookings and much more, all in one single place

Delhi, India – Monday, 12 December 2011 - As a tribute to the magnificent city of Delhi, GAPPS Software is releasing the ‘Delhi City Reporter’ application on the 15th of December 2011. Everyone would now get a smart companion of their own which would help them locate, calculate, book, evaluate, share and even report stuff about the city- at no cost. Advanced location-based technology would let people search for the nearest historical monument or a shopping centre or even a popular eatery – even in the bylanes of Delhi – and sort  according to rates, distances or popularity. All of this made available on an extremely simple and comprehensive platform.
Its a “one-stop-shop for all Delhi lovers, where just by a single touch one can find out any amount of information about the city, book cabs and tickets and even take action if there is anything that needs to be reported,” says Pradeep Singh, CEO, GAPPS. ‘Delhi City Reporter’ is an application designed especially for people interested in going around Delhi and knowing about all its interesting titbits.
The application uses powerful location-based technology and gives a feed to the user about the best route to reach a selected destination, the distance in kms, the price of the entry ticket and if it can be booked online, taxis that are available and the contact numbers. Using location based services, the app lets you know with a simple touch, nearby banks, ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals, fire stations and more. The app lists all emergency numbers and numbers of official Delhi authorities. Not only this, the app lets the user call a certain location from the number listed in the information itself. It also lets people book taxis and restaurant tables while on the go. While searching about a particular historical monument, the app also suggests some other places which are equally interesting and popular but lesser known. The app gives facility to save your favourites so that next time around, the information comes in even quicker.
The most noteworthy feature is that it lets users share pictures and comments in case of some mishap, or even email Delhi’s relevant authorities if there is a traffic snarl or a criminal misdeed – thus paving the way for a better, cleaner and safer city while encouraging more civic practices. It encourages the common man to participate, feel responsible, be a part of the community and report live from the ground to intimate other fellow men or authorities (like Police control room, traffic police, municipal corporation etc.).
Thus, GAPPS aims to make Delhi, safer, more beautiful and bring the people closer to the city through mobile technology - celebrating the completion of 100 years. The application will be launched on 15th December, 2011 and will be available on Apple Store and Android Market free of cost.
For more information about the product, visit: www.thegapps.com/DelhiCityReporter
Reporting/Feedback  can also be done through Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DelhiCityApp
And Twitter http://twitter.com/mycitydelhi
One can download the app here .
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