GDI Forced Matrix - If your not using it you should be...Learn Why!

If your serious about building your GDI Business then take a close look at what I am about to tell you. I have found a great little duplication model for GDI. It's been around for some time but just recently I seen how powerful it can be to build your GDI downline. The system is peoplesearch

It was designed by Tissa Godavitarne, which if you don't recognize his name then go visit the Leaderboard in the back office of GDI and you will see where he ranks.

Now first let me be clear if your already in GDI that is ok. You don't have to be in my downline to use this system.

Tissa and his people search engine. He had made over 2 million dollars with this idea in affiliate commissions for the year 2007 with his simple idea of a specific niche... People Search. We quickly discovered that 30% of all searches on Yahoo and Google were people searching for other people.

This tool will allow you to make additional income from Clickbank, HD Publishing, Reunion, Adsense and GDI. Plus Tissa will pay you up to $20 dollars more if they stay using his system for a certain period of time. He actually pays out $30 but in his step 2 you want them to sign up in GDI under you so you won't get paid for step 2 but you will get a signup.

Ok in case your missed the last paragraph let me rephrase. If you just used your People Search Referral System and learn how to drive targeted traffic to it, you won't have to worry about advertising your GDI website. When you advertise your People Search System website you are going to get GDI signups as well as make up to $20 per lead that comes through your system. Now to make $20 on one lead that comes through GDI that is 20 months worth of residual. Here we are talking about 1 lead which you will make $5 in 30 days and another $15 in 65 days if they complete all three steps. This is good money in my pocket.

The GDI Forced Matrix is in beta testing currently. Here is how the system works using this tool to build your 6x5 GDI matrix. Your investment on your part of course is GDI which is $10 monthly and $30 a month in advertising in which you will pay Tissa in Step 3 to advertise your website.

We have a choice under step 3 to for you to advertise your Presell Page rather than your people search engine. Different ad campaigns with different keywords will be used to target people looking for income opportunities. If you prefer to focus on growing your GDI downline while earning referral fees from Tissa, this option is for you!

Once you have at least six sign-ups on your GDI front line (Level 1) I the system will automatically start promoting your front line. Once each person on your frontline has at least six sign-ups on their front line, It will automatically rotate through your Level 2 sign-ups until they each $9,330 per month! See for yourself! Now plug in 6 people you recruit and 6 people they recruit. We will do this through the back office of People Search. have at least six sign-ups - and so on, up to five layers deep. Not sure how much you could earn with my fully automated, forced matrix for GDI?

The first thing you should do if your already in GDI then ask your upline if they are using People Search to build there business. If so get there link and signup. If they are not then you can sign up in People Search right from this page. If your already in GDI then you will use your same account as you have today. Now you will have to choose to use your existing domain for People Search or get a new domain that decision will be up to you.
The first thing is to make sure you are at 100% for the building of your People Search Engine. In other words, make sure all Three Steps in your back office are complete.

A. Step One: Affiliatize      FREE- THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN EARN YOUR FREE $5.00 OVER AND OVER                                                 COMPLETE STEP 1 AND EARN $5 OVER AND OVER AGAIN
Make sure you have joined the free search programs and that you have entered your personal identification number to each in your back office.

B. Step Two: Monetize

Make sure you have your people search related Web Site and you have it redirected to Tissa's DNS Server. A GDI domain will cost you $10 per month. If you are already a member of GDI, this will help you build GDI, look at the GDI Leader Board and you will see Tissa every month.

C. Step Three: Advertise
You must first have a Pay Pal Account. You must commit to send Tissa $29 at the end of your first full month for him to start immediately advertising your Search Engine with all of the major Pay Per Click sites including, Google, Yahoo, etc. Tissa commits to send you qualified hits per month until you qualify for the $125 bonus. If you JUST COMPLETE these three steps, you